As Pipeline Health continues to prioritize recruitment of nurses and ancillary staff, a new welcome mat has rolled out for new hires.

In the first phase of a revamped orientation program for new employees, a new video sets the tone for the day to welcome the audience to Pipeline Health. The day’s agenda continues with updated presentations on various topics focusing on what matters at Pipeline. The presentations are offered by subject matter experts from across the company.

“At Pipeline Health and at all of our hospitals, we want our new employees to know that quality matters, the patient experience matters, and they matter–to name three of the topics covered,” explained Ciara Gutierrez, director of human resources for the Los Angeles market and host of the twice-monthly orientation sessions.

“Some of the content is required by regulatory bodies, and some of the content is provided as a means of learning about their new employer,” she added. “We needed a more dynamic program to welcome our employees and engage them, and we have achieved that.”

The rollout of the new orientation program Jan. 8 brought positive reviews from participants.

Several of the 40 new hires who returned their evaluation forms at the end of the virtual program rated the value of the program at 5 – very valuable. Among their comments:

  • “The team made us feel welcome.”
  • “It had a brief, concise, relevant set of information. Great allocation of breaks; no idle moments between presenters.”
  • “The session promotes communication and makes us new employees feel welcomed, supported, comfortable and able to interact easily.”
  • “It was effective orientation on effective communication, comprehensive training modules, and a well-organized introduction to hospital policies and safety.”
  • “This session was very informative, and the presenters were thorough with their individual parts of the orientation. The session was organized, and it served as a good guide and warm welcome to all the new employees.”

A new addition to the program provides an overview of Pipeline and its history. One attendee commented that the history of the company was interesting because “Pipeline focuses on growing within their community.”

The session on quality and risk management also was cited as a favorite “because patient safety and wellness are most important in healthcare.”

Another new employee commented, “This allows new hires to get familiar with necessary information which helps the transition in their roles and responsibilities and in reducing errors.”

Pipeline CEO Robert Allen’s brief appearance also was well-received as he personally welcomed the newest employees on board.

The new video features a cast of employees from all four hospitals who provide their own words of welcome while sharing information about Pipeline and its hospitals. The short video is available for viewing on this link:

Plans are underway to transition the new employee orientation session from a virtual program to an in-person meeting this spring, affording enhanced opportunities for engagement.