Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine (HPIAM)

Staff representing Community Hospital of Huntington Park sat on the judges’ panels of a  presentation showcase for students at Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine (HPIAM) on Nov. 17.

David Trejo, director of case management/social work, heard presentations by 10th graders on the topic of “Mental Health Factors and Solutions,” and Colleen Bauer, CNO, heard 9th graders presenting on the topic of “Risk Factors to Prevent Non-Communicable Diseases.”

According to Bauer, the group presentations she heard covered stroke, cerebral vascular accident, breast cancer and diabetes.

Each student spoke about one of the diseases and presented an original poem on their topic. All delivered power point presentations.

“The students were graded on how they dressed, did they speak clearly and loudly enough, were the facts presented relevant, did the students do their research, was the research current, did the presentation flow, how was the teamwork, did one student stand out over another and so on,” Bauer explained.

“It’s a brilliant program to prepare these students for college. Providing them the opportunity to become confident speaking in front of others, preparing power point presentations, how to research subjects and create a reference page, just brilliant.”

The invitation to participate was extended by Brian Boyle, work-based learning coordinator and community partnership liaison, who serves as chair of the hospital’s governing board.